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Frequently Asked Questions about BLUE PROTOCOL.

By Zakum • Last Updated 5/14/2023

About the game


BLUE PROTOCOL is an online action RPG for PC developed by Project Sky Blue, a project team under Bandai Namco Online and Bandai Namco Studios. Enter a world with stunning anime graphics and exciting multiplayer action in this brand new Japanese original title created in Unreal Engine 4.

The game has been in development since 2014, when Soukichi Shimooka joined Bandai Namco. At the time it was popular to use colors in project codenames. When thinking of the game's setting, Shimooka pictured "blue skies casting away darkness". Thus the project was nicknamed PROJECT SKY BLUE.

The team behind BLUE PROTOCOL also worked on the Tales Series, Tekken, and Ace Combat.

What is the plot of BLUE PROTOCOL?

You awake with no memories, befriending a demihuman named Feste. While searching for clues on your missing memories, you encounter two humans who claim to have traveled back 1000 years through space and time, with the purpose of releasing mysterious entities called Avalitia in order to change the course of humanity for the better.

You later hear that Avalitia are monsters from fairy tales, while the two time travelers give their own explanation to you. You then have to make the choice--whether to stand together or perish--and begin to uncover the truths of Avalitia and the world of Asteria while searching for your missing memories.

How will Blue Protocol be monetized?

Blue Protocol will be free to play, and the developers have stated that it won't be pay-to-win. They will monetize through cosmetics (accessories, hairstyles) and a Seasonal Pass system (like in battle royales). Paid items will provide convenience.

When will BLUE PROTOCOL release? What regions will it be available in? What platforms will be supported?

BLUE PROTOCOL has different publishers for different regions.

Publisher Regions Platforms Release Date
Bandai Namco Online Japan PC (Bandai Namco ID)
PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X|S
Release planned Early Spring 2023, delayed.
Amazon Games North America, South America, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand PC (Steam)
PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X|S
Closed Beta planned for first half of 2023. Release in second half of 2023.
Cayenne Entertainment Technology Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao PC
Smilegate Megaport South Korea PC
Will the game support 4K/ultrawide resolution?

It was stated that at this time it will not officially support 4K resolution, but may be revisited in the future. This is to "preserve the art style".

What are the recommended specs to play the game?

The most up-to-date system requirements can be found on the official website.

Also check this official news post with details on the Benchmark Software. This software can be used to test the performance of the game on your PC with various settings. You can also create your character beforehand.

Game features

How many classes are there at the moment?

The game will release with 5 classes, with more being added after release. Existing classes will have their playability expanded as well. Check out the classes page to learn more.

Will there be a trinity system? (Tank/Healer/Damage roles)

Yes. Although it seems the team originally did not want a trinity system, they stated after the CBT that they want to clearly distinguish the class roles. Additionally, certain classes have skills that make them much more suitable for specific role. There is some overlap as well, for example Twin Striker can heal itself and allies with a life-drain buff.

Is Blue Protocol open world?

It is not open world in the sense of seamless exploration with zero loading screens like Breath of the Wild or Tower of Fantasy. However, the zones are very large and can be maneuvered around relatively freely, so you can explore without much invisible barriers and won't be running into loading screens too often.

How many players can be in a zone?
Zone Type Max players per channel
Cities 200
Fields 30
Missions (Dungeons) 6
Raids 30
Time Attack/Score Attack 1
Will there be PvP?

PvP is currently not under development, and its implementation is highly unlikely. The developers want to focus on Story and PvE first. They also want all features in the game to connect to core gameplay/benefit your character, but they do not want to force casual players to PvP in order to get benefits.

A (player) Party vs (enemy) Party system exists in the Arena--you can compete in the rankings for speed clears.

How do cosmetics interact with armor?

Equipment that provide stats, besides your weapon, do not alter your appearance. Cosmetic items do not provide stats. As a result, you can dress the way you want while equipping the items that you want.

What are Imajinn/Imagine/Echoes?

Imagine (Echoes) are creatures that aid you in your journey. There are three types:

  1. Battle Imagine that help you in combat
  2. Enhance Imagine that provide passive stats
  3. Mount Imagine that are rideable mounts

Read more about Imagine in the guide.

What social features are there?

Fishing is currently implemented at a basic level (fish can be sold for Luno) and will be expanded upon in the future. Housing is planned to be added in an update after official release. Marriage is currently unknown.

Smaller features include an extensive Photo Mode, customizable character profiles, and multiplayer emotes such as hand-holding and rock-paper-scissors. Check the guide on social features for more.

There is no trading system in BLUE PROTOCOL, and it is highly unlikely to be implemented in order to prevent real-money transactions. It's been stated that trading may be possible for housing items only.