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Main Story Quests

A quick recap of the steps to completing the main story, in English.

By Zakum • Last Updated 5/26/2023

Chapter 1

In Search of Memories

  1. Speak with the inn owner on the 1st floor
  2. Exit the inn
  3. Meet with Feste at City Gate Square
  4. Activate the Warp Gate
  5. Exit the city
  6. Go to Cliff Ruins in Skyquake Fields (clear the dungeon)
  7. Speak with Feste (south of the Cliff Ruins)
  8. Speak with Jake at the Reclamation Bureau

Adventurer Registration

  1. Speak with Murrie at the Reclamation Bureau
  2. Defeat 10 Land Foxes in Skyquake Fields
  3. Report back to Murrie
  4. Go to Reikrid Tunnels (clear the dungeon)
  5. Report back to Murrie
  6. Speak with Fovi at Craftsman’s Square (by the weapon crafting machines)
  7. Craft an Adventurer’s weapon (gather 8 minerals)
  8. Speak with Fovi
  9. Speak with Powarie in front of the Echoforge
  10. Craft an Echo (gather 2 eternigrass and 2 kinetic flux shards)
  11. Speak with Powarie
  12. Report to Murrie in the Reclamation Bureau

Clear the Adventure Board: Adventurer Rank Up 2 to proceed.

Dragon Claw Valley

  1. Speak with Jake after reaching Adventure Rank 2
  2. Meet Jake at the entrance to Dragon Claw Valley in Skyquake Fields (grab the Minsterhorn Warp Gate on the way)
  3. Clear Dragon Claw Valley (Tyrant’s Tusk is Lv. 5)
  4. Report to Jake at the Reclamation Bureau

The Visitor Mystery

  1. Speak to the Innkeeper of The Double Faced Coin
  2. Ask about visitors at Bapharia Shrine
  3. Go to Minsterhorn in Minster Hills (speak to Milene)
  4. Search for the priest at the Giant Tower Ruins in Andra Basin (clear the dungeon)
  5. Report back to Milene in Minsterhorn

Pillar of Divinity

  1. Speak with Feste in Minsterhorn
  2. Go to the Pillar of Divinity in Divine Haven Hill (speak with the guard) (grab the Larpal Warp Gate)
  3. Speak with Feste in Larpal
  4. Speak with the leader of the pilgrims in Bergmahl
  5. Speak with the guard at the Pillar of Divinity
  6. Clear Pillar of Divinity (Imprisoned Tyrant is Lv. 12)
  7. Go to Larpal (speak to Feste)

Tyris’ Request

  1. Speak with Tyris in Larpal
  2. Clear Valley of Machines (grab the Quellmount’s Foot Warp Gate) (Plidorch is Lv. 15)
  3. Report back to Tyris in Larpal

Banishing Avalitia

  1. Speak with Feste in Larpal
  2. Go to Ritze in Montegnore Ravine (speak with Einrain) (grab the Ritze Warp Gate)
  3. Search for the Avalitia in Southwest Ritze Tradeway (clear the dungeon) (Phantasmal Crier is Lv. 20)
  4. Report to Tyris in Ritze