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Blast Archer

Utilizing a bow to strike down foes from a safe distance, Blast Archers also provide heals and buffs for allies and debuffs to enemies.


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All classes have 100 Stamina, and a maximum Crit Rate of 30%.

Unique Mechanics

Buff Charge Gauge

By dealing damage, Blast Archers can charge the Buff Charge Gauge up to level 3. Using the subaction, Cure Arrow, will consume the gauge and place a healing field at the selected location. The heal amount will differ based on the gauge level. The gauge will charge more when dealing critical hits and hitting enemy weak points.

Weak-point Targeting

Blast Archers deal increased damage when hitting an enemy’s weak point. These points vary between enemies, such as the head or back. You may be able to hit weak spots with auto aim on some enemies, but this is unlikely to be the case for most enemies so players will have to switch between auto and manual aim for maximum efficiency.