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Adventure Boards

A guide to Adventure Boards, a progression mechanic that provides equipment and Adventurer Ranks.

By Zakum • Last Updated 6/5/2023

An Adventure Board is a collection of tasks that correlate with the board’s theme. They are very important in progressing through the game.

Adventurer Rank boards are a prerequisite to increasing your Adventurer Rank, which raises your max level cap and unlocks more Main Story and Side Quests.

Additionally, Weapon boards provide weapon recipes, and Enhance Imagine boards provide Enhance Imagine recipes.

Example of a menu with various adventure board types.

For data on specific Adventure Boards and their tasks, check the database.

Obtaining Boards

Adventure Boards can be obtained by completing quests—mainly Key Character Quests, indicated by a quest icon with horns. After unlocking a board, you can accept it from your Command Menu > Quests > Adventure Boards.

Accepting Boards

Adventure Boards need to be accepted before you can make progress toward their tasks. Click on a board and then click the long rectangular accept button at the top. You can also choose to display it on the in-game HUD to easily track progress on tasks.

Task Tree

Every Adventure Board comes in a unique tree shape, where the tasks along the main path must be completed in order. Tasks that do not have a line connected to them can be completed in parallel, at any time. It’s highly recommended you complete the side tasks, as they can provide a considerable amount of crafting materials or other helpful things related to the main reward.

Example of an Adventure Board task tree

Tasks typically involve defeating enemies, gathering, clearing dungeons, and completing quests.