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About features that are available when spending real-life money.

By Zakum • Last Updated 6/11/2023

BLUE PROTOCOL’s monetization scheme is intended to not provide any “pay-to-win” advantage, but rather players can pay for convenience and cosmetics. Related aspects include Rose Orbs, Gacha, Season Passes, and BP Points.

Rose Orbs

Rose orbs are the paid currency in BLUE PROTOCOL. There are Paid Rose Orbs and Free Rose Orbs—at the time of writing, there doesn’t seem to be a restriction on what can be purchased with either version, so for now we can assume that the free version can purchase anything that the paid version can.

Rose Orbs expire in 5 months from the month you purchase them, on the last day of the month. For example, if you buy them in June, they will expire on October 31st.

The packs in the Japanese version are as follows:

Rose Orb 10

¥100 10.000/orb
Rose Orb 30

¥300 10.000/orb
Rose Orb 50

¥500 10.000/orb
Rose Orb 100

¥1000 10.000/orb
Rose Orb 220 +10

¥2000 8.696/orb
Rose Orb 330 +30

¥3000 8.333/orb
Rose Orb 460 +60

¥4000 7.692/orb
Rose Orb 610 +90

¥5000 7.143/orb
Rose Orb 1350 +200

¥10000 6.452/orb
Blue indicates Free Rose Orbs added on as a bonus

Seasonal Sales

These deals are available for one-time purchase during the sale period. When the sale period ends, they will be restocked.

Rose Orb 495 +45

¥3000 5.556/orb
Stock: 1
Rose Orb 915 +100

¥5000 4.926/orb
Stock: 1
Rose Orb 2025 +200

¥10000 4.494/orb
Stock: 1

How to buy Rose Orbs in BP Japan

The accepted payment methods are:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • JCB
  • American Express
  • WebMoney
  • PayPay
  • Rakuten Pay
  • d Harai
  • au/uq mobile
  • SoftBank

Regnas Store

The Regnas Store contains all shops related to Rose Orbs and more. It can be accessed through the Command Menu (ESC).

Rose Orb Store

A store that sells items for Rose Orbs. Contains packages, outfits, mounts, accessories, stamps, emotes, and misc. consumable items and tickets.


Consumes Gacha tickets to reward you with a random item in the gacha banner. Tickets can be acquired through clearing content, season pass rewards, events, and possibly more methods. 1 spin costs 50 Rose Orbs, while 11 spins cost 500 Rose Orbs.

There are known to be outfit banners and mount banners at this time. The prized items on the banner (outfits, mounts) can only be obtained in S rank capsules. For outfits, you will get all pieces of the outfit.

Spinning a gacha banner 10 times will reward you with a gift depending on the banner. This can include emotes and accessories.

Duplicate Rewards

If you obtain a duplicate item, you can mail it to another character on your account, or mail it to a friend.

Some items cannot be mailed. Items can be mailed within 7 days of obtaining the item (a timer is shown in-game). Sending letters cannot be undone. Items claimed from mail cannot be sent again. You can only send to people you have been friends with for 14 days.

Otherwise, you can exchange the item for BP Points for use at the BP Points Store.

BP Points Store

A store where you can spend BP Points. BP Points are acquired from exchanging items for BP Points—not all items cannot be exchanged, and items can only be exchanged if they have not been worn.

This store contains selection boxes for the outfits and mounts in the gacha banners, so you can buy the outfit you want if you got a different one. It also contains battle imagine recipes and materials, and accessories.

Season Store

A store where you can spend Season Points. Contains outfits, accessories, weapon-related tickets, healing items, luno, etc. (some have purchase limits).

Season Pass

A season is 50~60 days long. Clear the indicated quests to get Season Points, which are used to rank up your pass level and claim rank rewards (will automatically rank up to a certain point). After reaching a certain rank, you can also spend Season Points at the Season Point Store.

Ranks can also be purchased with Rose Orbs: 30 orbs per rank. Specific rank rewards can be checked in-game or on the site.

Basic Plan

Maxes at rank 60 and is available for free.

Advanced & Royal Plans

Maxes at rank 100. Advanced costs 180 Rose Orbs. Royal costs 550 Rose Orbs and grants an extra 25 ranks to start. Both of these add additional quests to get points.

After maxing one of these passes, you get the Next-Season Paid Plan Discount, which discounts the next season pass by 180 Rose Orbs. So if you buy the Advanced Pass once and max it out each time, you won’t have to pay for another pass.


Rewards include Luno, Gacha tickets, Free Rose Orbs, GC, BP Points, Weapon-related tickets, Rewards plus tickets, and more.