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Missions are an umbrella term for dungeons, raids, and various other dungeon-like content.

By Zakum • Last Updated 6/11/2023

All missions can be entered solo or with a party (up to 6 players) with exception to Raids, which match you with up to 30 players.

After clearing a mission, the results screen will show your clear rewards and bonus rewards that can be claimed by using the Rewards Plus tickets.

Missions typically have a time limit and a maximum number of revives that is shared between all players. A revive count is used when a player is knocked down and does not get rescued before the rescue timer ends. Missions provide 2 revives per player.


Dungeons are instances where up to 6 players can attempt to clear the dungeon boss before the timer runs out. They are not to be confused with Free Exploration dungeons, which are overworld instances of some dungeons—up to 30 players per channel can freely enter and leave.

Battle Areas are special areas in dungeons where some enemies need to be defeated before proceeding, to prevent players from rushing straight to the boss. Dungeon minibosses also have a very low chance to drop a chest that can contain a weapon.

Players are provided with potions and buff consumables that can only be used in that dungeon and are deleted after exiting. Chests placed throughout Dungeons can contain extra potions.

After clearing the Survey difficulty of a dungeon in the main story quest, the Additional Survey difficulty can be accessed through the Missions page on the Command Menu (and subsequently the Advanced Survey).


Raids consist of a single boss fight with up to 30 players. Party leaders and solo players can queue for raid matchmaking at the raid’s entrance. The revives are shared between all players in the raid.

Raids can have various mechanics and provide various ways for players to contribute. For example, the Demidragon raid has Engram Cannons that can freeze the boss and deal significant damage. After being fired, they go on cooldown.

Raid Entry Times

Raids open at fixed periods to facilitate higher activity and easier matchmaking. All times are in JST.

Weekdays Weekends
14:00 ~ 15:00 8:00 ~ 9:00
18:00 ~ 19:00 12:00 ~ 13:00
22:00 ~ 23:00 16:00 ~ 17:00
20:00 ~ 21:00
1:00 ~ 2:00

The standard Void’s Island raid, where you fight the Demidragon, will always be available. A higher difficulty raid of will also be available, and its boss will be alternated with monthly updates, such as Ice Demidragon in June, then Fire Demidragon in July.

Raid Rewards

Rewards are distributed to all players if the raid is cleared within the time limit. In addition to the clear rewards, extra rewards can be earned in various categories:

  • Overall rank reward
  • Class rank reward
  • Most damage reward
  • Highest damage reward
  • Support reward
  • Rescue reward (x2)
  • Last hit reward
  • Obstruction reward (disrupting enemy?)
  • Artillery reward (Engram Cannons?)
Example of the Raid Results rankings

Time Attack & Score Attack

These two dungeon types have leaderboards (found in cities) where players can compete. They are solo dungeons, and the rankings are separated by class.

The available dungeon will alternate every two weeks. For example, week 1 will be Time Attack on Map A, week 3 will be Score Attack on Map B, week 5 will be Time Attack on Map C, and so on.

The only available Time Attack dungeon in the Closed Beta Test.

In Time Attack, players will race to complete the dungeon as fast as possible. In Score Attack, players must attempt to get the highest score possible by dealing great amounts of damage and upkeeping a combo multiplier by attacking enemies and breaking objects, while picking up time limit-extending orbs.

Time/Score Attack Rewards

There are one-time rewards for clearing these dungeons with a bronze/silver/gold rank. There are also rewards for the top ranked players:

Rank Title Crown Currency
1 King of the [class weapon] Grand Crown,
Mellow Crown
Battle Maiden Coin - Red x900
2 Selected by the [class weapon] Mellow Crown Battle Maiden Coin - Red x600
3 Selected by the [class weapon] Mellow Crown Battle Maiden Coin - Red x300
4~50 Selected by the [class weapon] Mellow Crown

These rewards will last for 4 weeks, when the next Time Attack/Score Attack champions are crowned.

Rush Battle

Rush Battle is held in the Asterliese Arena, where players fight continuous waves of enemies. Clear all the waves to complete the mission.

Endless Tower

The Endless Tower is a series of dungeons where players aim to complete all 20 floors of enemies within the time limit. Some floors contain bosses alongside normal enemies. Every 5 floors is a rest area where players can use buff beacons and recover, though the timer does not pause on these floors.

The Tower of Beginnings was available in the Network Test. Not much else is known about this dungeon type yet.