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All about customizing your character's appearance!

By Zakum • Last Updated 12/17/2022

Character Creator

The character creator is available at the start of the game and may include a few options that the beauty salon does not (such as clothes), but otherwise is more or less the same.

Beauty Salon

Your character’s base appearance can be changed at the aesthetician NPC. There are two courses; the regular course allows you to make appearance changes, while the type-change course includes extra options such as changing sex.

Aesthetician example

To finalize changes, you will need a ticket corresponding to the selected course. Preset slots allow you to save designs if you don’t have a ticket at that exact moment. Future additions to the character creator will be accessible at the beauty salon.

Like the character creator, the beauty salon allows you to preview your character in different lighting and positions, and allows some levels of camera control.


Switch from female to male or vice versa. Your current clothing will be removed.


Choose from preset options.


Options include face, body size, physique, and bust (female).


Options include hairstyle (can be filtered by category) and color. There is an option to reverse the hairstyle direction.

Hair example

There is a two-tone color feature, allowing gradients and color patterns by mixing the main color and secondary color. There is a setting to make eyebrows match the main or secondary color.

There is also an option to add highlights in various patterns, for a total of up to 3 hair colors. The colors can be adjusted in lightness.

Skin & head

There are a few skin tones (lightness adjustable) and head shapes.


Eyes can be customized by shape (angle adjustable), eyelashes (lightness adjustable), pupil style, and eyebrows.

Eyes example

You can set up to 4 iris and pupil colors, adjust the colors by saturation and lightness, and even enable Odd Eye, allowing individual adjustment of each pupil. Eyebrows can be adjusted by shape, angle, and color.


Facial features can be adjusted by nose, mouth, and teeth (optional).

Make up

Fixed features include moles (4 types; can be mirrored), freckles and scars (color and lightness adjustable). Lip options include lipstick type (highlight on/off) and color (saturation and lightness adjustable).

Face paint example

You can add up to 2 face paints, which can be adjusted by type and color (saturation and lightness adjustable) and some face paints can be mirrored.


There are a few voice packs you can select for your character.

Cosmetic Items

Everything visible on your character, other than weapons, are fully cosmetic. Items that provide stats do not affect your appearance, and items that change your appearance do not provide stats.

Outfits example
  • Weapon Skins
  • Outfits (hat, top, gloves, bottom, shoes)
  • Underwear
  • Accessories (head, ears, eyes, cheeks, hands, upper back, lower back)


At the Dye Shop, you can recolor outfit items. Clothing that can be dyed will have a color marker in the bottom right of the item thumbnail.

Dye shop example

To dye an item, you will need the correct color of Clothing Dye for the color you selected. Dyes can be obtained through events or purchased with real money. Saturation and lightness can also be adjusted at the cost of a Toning Agent.