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All about Teams (Guilds) in BLUE PROTOCOL.

By Zakum • Last Updated 5/26/2023

Joining a team

There is no level or Adventurer Rank restriction for joining a team. If you received an invite from a team, you can accept it in the team tab of the command menu.

Alternatively, at the Team Receptionist in North part of Asterleeds, you can search for an existing team by ID or view a list of teams on the official website.

Search for a team

You can only be a member of one team at a time.

Forming a team

After reaching Adventurer Rank 3, you can create a team at the Team Receptionist in North Asterleeds. It doesn’t cost anything to create a team.

You can set a team name of up to 12 characters, and a team tag (displayed next to your character name) of up to 4 characters. A random Team ID will be generated, which players can use to look up your team in-game.

Team card
The Team Card provides an overview of your team.

The team name and tag can be changed by using renaming tickets.

Team Ranks

Teams have ranks (levels) that can be raised by filling the EXP meter through regular actions such as gathering resources and defeating enemies.

Team Rank Max members EXP to next level
1 20 1,160,000
2 25 4,680,000
3 30 7,840,000
4 35 17,330,000
5 40 33,000,000
6 45 71,500,000
7 50 6,160,000

Team perks

There is a team chat channel where you can talk with other members of your team. At the time of release, there will be no content that is exclusive to being in a team, however this is being considered for future updates.