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An overview of the Imagine system, including types of Imagine and how to obtain them.

By Zakum • Last Updated 5/10/2023

What are Imagine?

Imagine are the embodiment of spiritual elements, such as powerful emotions or thoughts of a living creature. The three types are Battle Imagine (active skills), Enhance Imagine (armor), and Mount Imagine (rideable mounts).

Battle Imagine

Battle Imagine are equipment that provide base stats, a passive Ability (more stats), and an active skill to be used in combat. They can be crafted at the Imagine Research Institute after unlocking their recipes.


Battle Imagine come with an Ability that is randomly selected from their possible abilities. Each Ability provides one or more passive stat boosts, such as flat-value stats (Resilience +7, Dexterity +7), or percentage stats (Critical Power +12%, Damage Up: Ranged Attacks +5%). They come in grades G1, G2, G3.


Each Battle Imagine has one attack, heal, or support active skill. Skill cooldowns are independent of each other.


The first way to unlock a recipe is by obtaining an Idea (one of the crafting materials) from the Named Enemies in the overworld. Check the map for their locations.

Another way to get a Battle Imagine’s Idea is through treasure chests. Look up the Idea in the database for more information.


After learning the recipe, view the required materials at the Imagine Research Institute and hover over the information icons to see how to get them. Note that Battle Imagine have varying Adventurer Rank requirements to craft.


At the Imagine Research Institute, view the Imagine you want to craft and click the “add to wishlist” button. Then, in your Command Menu > Quests > Wishlist, click the HUD checkbox to display the item where your quests appear in game.

Battle Score

Battle Imagine provide 10 × (Item Level) Battle Score, and they will level sync if their max item level is higher than your current class level.

Enhance Imagine

Enhance Imagine are equippable items that provide base stats and Abilities, similar to armor in other games. They do not alter your character’s appearance.

Up to 5 Enhance Imagine can be worn, each in their respective, uniquely-shaped slots. They can be crafted at the Imagine Research Institute once you’ve unlocked the recipe and meet the Adventurer Rank requirement.


Like Battle Imagine, Enhance Imagine each come with a randomly selected Ability from their available abilities list.


Enhance Imagine recipes are acquired through completing their respective Adventure Boards. Quest icons that look like they have horns typically reward these Adventure Boards. Make sure to check the Adventurer Rank requirement for an Enhance Imagine before attempting to gather materials for it.

Another way of unlocking recipes is through Treasure Chests. Look up the Imagine in the database for more information.

Battle score

Enhance Imagine provide 6 × (Item Level) Battle Score, and they will level sync if their max item level is higher than your current class level.

Mount Imagine

Mount Imagine are rideable creatures useful in traversing the open world.

Mounts have a standard running speed which is faster than player movement. They also have a faster dashing speed which consumes energy. Energy will quickly recover while not dashing.

There are also tickets which can make it so your mount doesn’t consume energy while dashing for the next X amount of days.


The Land Fox Mount Imagine can be obtained as the final reward for the Adventure Board “Adventurer Rank 4”.